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23rd July:

  • Dental Council Newsletter, July 2020
  • 8th April:

  • Covid-19 Updates, April 2020
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  • Dental Council Newsletter, December 2019
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  • Dental Council Newsletter, June 2019
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  • Language proficiency


    23rd July - Dental Council Newsletter, July 2020

    link to Dental Council Newsletter Volume 4 - Issue 1, July 2020

    8th April - Covid-19 Updates, April 2020

    For updates on Covid-19, please visit our dedicated page;
    Link to Covid-19 Updates page

    17th December - Dental Council Newsletter, December 2019

    link to Dental Council Newsletter Volume 3 - Issue 2, December 2019

    4th June - Dental Council Newsletter, June 2019

    link to Dental Council Newsletter Volume 3 - Issue 1, June 2019

    10th August - Language proficiency

    The Dental Council will be implementing minimum language requirements under the provisions of Qualifications Directive 2005/36/EC. This means that applicants, from 1 November 2018, for registration must be proficient in the English language to obtain registration. Please see our page dedicated to information on language proficiency.

    28th June - Minimata:

    The European Union has introduced regulation 2017/852 to implement the Minimata Convention on Mercury. This is an environmental regulation rather than a health regulation and its purpose is to reduce the amount of mercury used in many industries and professional sectors, including dentistry. This EU Regulation is binding in its entirety and directly applicable in all member states. The Dental Council has drawn up a code of practice booklet for the dentistry profession which can be accessed via the following link;

    Code of Practice - Dental Amalgam (July 2018)

    20th June - Dental Council Newsletter, June 2018

    link to Dental Council Newsletter Volume 2 - Issue 1, June 2018

    15th February - Dental Council Newsletter, December 2017

    The Dental Council issued a new newsletter in December 2017. All registrants will have received a copy in the post but for those who would like to view the online version we have uploaded here for your convenience.
    It is our aim to issue a newsletter twice a year, keeping all dental professionals up to date with interesting and relevant news and advice.

    In addition to the newsletter, we are now on Twitter and Facebook. We will issue real-time updates on these platforms for both the public's awareness and for all professionals.

    link to Dental Council Newsletter Volume 1 - Issue 1, December 2017

    19th June - Irish Graduates

    Irish Graduates

    11th April - Patient Information

    The Dental Council has launched three guidance documents which are specifically for dental patients. This is the first time that the Council has issued Guidance that has been aimed primarily at patients and members of the public.

    Code of Practice relating to the display of Private Fees

    All dental practices throughout Ireland will be obliged to display private fees from June 1. The Dental Council issued a Code of Practice today (April 11, 2011) making it mandatory for dentists to display private fees in a place where patients can view them before consultation.

    A single fee must apply for some procedures while the fees for others may be shown as a range, with a minimum and maximum clearly stated. Where a range of fees applies, it is not permitted to set a minimum price only.

    Code of Practice – Display of Private Fees

    Choosing a Dentist

    “Choosing a Dentist at Home or Abroad” is a guide to assist members of the public in choosing a dentist. The guidance also includes information for patients who may consider travelling abroad for treatment highlighting certain matters that should be considered in advance.

    Choosing your Dentist Home or Abroad - Guidance

    Scope of Practice

    The “Scope of Practice” document describes the tasks that each member of the dental team is legally entitled to carry out and is intended for use by both the public and the profession.

    Scope of Practice - Guidance

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