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    Registration for Dentists:

    There are two types of registration available, full and temporary.

    1. Full registration in the Register of Dentists for Ireland is available to the following:

    1. Graduates in dentistry from a university in Ireland.
    2. Nationals of EEA Member States who graduate within the EEA with a scheduled dental degree/diploma and certification from your Competent Authority confirming compliance with the minimum conditions set out in Professional Qualifications Directive 2005/36/EC .
    3. Applicants who graduate with a qualification recognised under the Dental Council’s mutual recognition agreement with Canada
    4. Dentists, not otherwise entitled to registration, who pass a special Dental Council examination.

    2.1. Temporary registration is available to persons, not eligible for full registration, provided they meet the following conditions:

    1. They must hold a dental qualification obtained after completing an acceptable undergraduate dental course.
    2. They must be in Ireland for the purpose of further training, which training must be undertaken under Consultant supervision in an approved training post in either:
      1. The Dublin Dental Hospital, Lincoln Place, Dublin 2
      2. The Maxillo-facial Unit, St Jamesís Hospital, Dublin 8
      3. The University Dental School and Hospital, Wilton, Cork
      4. A recognized Health Board.

    3. OR
    4. They must be in Ireland to take up a teaching appointment or to give a course.

    2.2. Temporary registration is granted for up to one year in the first instance but it may be extended for further periods provided that the aggregate of periods of temporary registration does not exceed five years.

    2.3. Applications for temporary registration will only be considered where applicants produce evidence of an offer of a training post, an offer of a teaching appointment or an invitation to give a course.

    2.4. Candidates for Temporary Registration must provide a complete application form, remittance of Ä220 and the appropriate documentation. Please see check list of documents provided.  

    3. Applications for registration will only be accepted directly from the applicant.  The Dental Council will not discuss applications for registration with third parties.


    Temporary Registration Check List [Adobe Acrobat .PDF]

    Temporary Registration Form [Microsoft Word .DOC]

    Statement [Adobe Acrobat .PDF]