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    Code of Practice regarding Non Surgical Cosmetic Procedures

    The Dental Council has revised its Code of Practice regarding Non Surgical Cosmetic Procedures.  In the Council’s view the administration of botulinum toxins and/or dermal filler products for cosmetic purposes is not the practice of dentistry.

    The Code places obligations on dentists who may decide to incorporate these treatments into their working day.  Dentists must ensure that they are adequately trained to provide such treatments.  They must also ensure that they are competent to reliably obtain informed consent, that they are appropriately indemnified and that patients are made aware that the Dental Council does not consider these treatments to be the practice of dentistry.

    A copy of the Code must be displayed in the practice of dentists who wish to provide these treatments.  A poster of the Code may be downloaded below for display.

    The Dental Council has informed the Irish Medicines Board and the Medical Council of its position.

    26 March 2013


    Non Surgical Cosmetic Procedures Code of Practice (Revised)

    Non Surgical Cosmetic Procedures A4 Colour Poster