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Members of the Dental Council 2020-2025

Elected Dentists (7 members)

Dr Gerry Cleary
Dr Rory Fleming
Dr Niamh Galvin
Dr Paul Leavy
Dr Patrick O’Brien
Dr Patrick Quinn
Dr Sarah Jane Grufferty

Nominated by the Medical Council (2 members)

Mr John Gleeson
Mr John Murray

Nominated by University College Cork (2 members)

Dr Catherine Gallagher
Prof Anthony Roberts

Nominated by Royal College of Surgeons Ireland (1 member)

Prof Gerry Kearns

Nominated by Trinity College (2 members)

Dr Mary Clark
Prof Brian O’Connell

Nominated by Dept of Health (4 members)

Ms Ursula Byrne
Dr Ruth Casey
Ms Mary Faulkner
Mr Mark Kane

Nominated by the Dept of Education (1 member)

Dr Bryan Maguire

Registrar and Chief Officer

Mr David O’Flynn