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Applicants with Refugee or Temporary Protection Status

Dental Health Professionals with Temporary Protection or Refugee Status in Ireland

The Dental Council have established a new registration pathway for people with refugee status and people that have received temporary protection, in the Republic of Ireland. To avail of this new pathway to registration you must be in receipt of evidence of your status. Those with a qualification from outside the EU who do not have refugee or temporary protection status in Ireland, can visit our examination page.

Application Details

Application form: Assessment Application Form.pdf

Please complete the application form above. This must be completed in English. It is helpful to the review of your application if you can complete this application form digitally.


Please carefully review the checklist above. This will outline all the documentation that you must submit alongside your application form.

All documentation can be submitted via email at Please make sure that any scanned documents submitted are clear scans of the full document.

You are required to post your original signed application from and completed declaration only to:

Registration Department
Dental Council
57 Merrion Square
Dublin 2

Details on Periods of Adaptation

Information for Candidates for Registration

If you have been offered a period of adaptation (PoA) from the Dental Council, please review the following guide to ensure that you understand what you must do next.

Guide to completing your PoA v2.0.pdf
Appendix A Form – Guide to Completing your PoA  v2.0 [word doc]
Appendix B Form – Guide to Completing your PoA  v2.0 [word doc]

Information for Mentors

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please review the following PoA Guide to Mentors.
PoA Guide to Mentors V2.0.pdf

You can only seek approval as a mentor for a dentist that has received an official offer to undertake a PoA. You should review this offer for the deficits that your potential mentee is required to undertake and the duration of their PoA.
You should also familiarise yourself with the above Guide to Completing your PoA to understand exactly what is expected of your mentee throughout this time.

If you are ready to seek approval, please email the following information to

  1. Your full name
  2. Your registration number
  3. Your practice address
  4. Your practice website address
  5. Candidate/Mentee’s full name
  6. A brief account of your work history in Ireland
  7. A statement that sets out how you can meet the requirements set out on Page 2 of the PoA Guide to Mentors.