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Restoring your Registration

Restoration of a name to Dental Council Registers

Important Information for applicants

The Dental Council recommends that you allow for the registration process to take three months. We aim to finalise applications as quickly as possible but delays can occur due to incomplete applications or if additional information is required. The Dental Council would advise that you do not book patients in before you are registered.

We will only deal with the applicant regarding applications for registration.

You must refer to the checklist below when compiling your application.

Application details for Restoration

To apply please submit by post to the address above:

  1. Completed restoration form
  2. Identification
  3. Letters/Certificates of good standing
  4. Translations
  5. Restoration fee

If you did not resign from the Register and you were instead suspended or erased, you are liable for the payment of backdated fees and/or high court costs.
Please contact the registration department at for the total on the amount due.

Checklist to restore your name to the Register [pdf]
Restoration application form [pdf]