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Phones in Dentistry – Bernadette John

16 July 2020

The ubiquity of smart technology has created new challenges for clinical practice. It is important for healthcare professionals to be alert to the risks new technology – from smartphones and smart speakers to smart watches and smart TVs in waiting rooms – so that informed data protection compliant decisions can be made when this technology is used in a clinical setting.

Many healthcare professionals are not aware that downloading Apps to a smartphone, can enable the developers to access and download the clinicians’ address book, access the microphone, access the camera and photo gallery, send and read email and texts, access and amend the diary, and to monitor the device owners’ movements. The standard terms and conditions of most Apps allow wide access to information and pose concerns regarding information governance, patient confidentiality and, ultimately, trust in healthcare professionals.

The following basic principles below will help healthcare professionals who use mobile technology in practice: