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2024 Renewal Notices

4 December 2023

The Dental Council will shortly be sending out the annual renewal notice for the 2024 retention fee.  The retention fee is increasing from €290 to €330 in 2024.

This increase was flagged in the Dental Council’s Statement of Strategy 2019-2022 and it was originally proposed to apply this fee increase in 2022. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the difficulties that it created for the profession the Dental Council decided to defer this fee increase.

The Dental Council prides itself on its efficient operations and it has made a determined effort not to increase the retention fees unless it is necessary.  This increase is required to meet the current challenges, and the challenges anticipated for the immediate future. The volume of applications for registration is at an all-time high combined with a significant rise in Fitness to Practise activity.

This has resulted in an unprecedent increase in activity across all areas of the organisation.  We always try to keep any increases to the minimum necessary to ensure that we can continue to carry out our functions effectively.

The Council appreciates the profession’s ongoing support for the Council and its work.