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Mutual Recognition

The Reciprocity Agreement between the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada (CDAC) and the Dental Council of Ireland was signed on 5 December 2012. Under this the CDAC and the Dental Council agree that each party recognises the accreditation standards and policies of the other party as being substantially equivalent to its own. There are twelve dental programmes covered under this agreement, ten in Canada and two in Ireland and students who graduate from these programmes after 5 December 2012 can benefit from its provisions. This agreement is subject to ongoing review.

Under the agreement the CDAC agrees to encourage the Canadian Dental Regulatory Authorities Federation (CDRAF) to accept graduates of the two Irish dental programmes as graduates of an accredited educational program without the need to meet other educational requirements for licensure and registration. To practice in Canada dentists have to pass the National Dental Examining Board (NDEB) examinations. In Canada the registration process can vary from Province to Province and graduates who wish to avail of this agreement should carefully investigate the requirements of the regulatory/licensing jurisdiction, including the requirements of the NDEB, where they wish to practice before making any firm plans to travel.

Graduates from an accredited Canadian programmes should apply to the Dental Council for registration. The Dental Council has recognised the ten programmes accredited by the CDAC under the provisions of Section 27(2)(d) of the Dentists Act, 1985. The registration process is relatively straight forward, details of which can be found by clicking the link below;

Apply for registration with the Irish Dental Council here

Useful contact information – Canada

National Dental Examination Board:
80 Elgin Street,
2nd Floor
Ontario K1P 6R2

Canadian Dental Regulatory Authorities Federation
6 Crescent Road
Ontario M4W 1T1

Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada:
1815 Alta Vista Drive
Ontario K1G 3Y6

Irish Dental Schools

University of Dublin (Trinity College) – Dublin Dental University Hospital, Lincoln Place Dublin 2
National University of Ireland (University College Cork) – Cork University Dental School and Hospital, Wilton, Cork

Programs subject to the reciprocal recognition arrangement

IrelandNational University of IrelandBachelor of Dental Surgery BDS
University of DublinBachelor in Dental ScienceB.Dent.Sc
CanadaDalhousie UniversityDoctor of Dental SurgeryDDS
McGill UniversityDoctor of Dental MedicineDMD
Université de LavalDoctorat en médecine dentaireDMD
Université de MontréalDoctorat en médecine dentaireDMD
University of AlbertaDoctor of Dental SurgeryDDS
University of British ColumbiaDoctor of Dental MedicineDMD
University of ManitobaDoctor of Dental MedicineDMD
University of SaskatchewanDoctor of Dental MedicineDMD
University of TorontoDoctor of Dental SurgeryDDS
University of Western OntarioDoctor of Dental SurgeryDDS